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M&M's Studio Phone
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M&M's Studio Phone

M&M's Studio Phone / 841.076

During incoming calls, or in demonstration mode, the Red character moves from side to side. The Green, Yellow and Blue characters rise from the film cans and bow to the audience. The globe lights up, and the M&M's STUDIO disc rotates clockwise around it.
When the phone rings the 4 M&M's characters answer with one of the following custom conversations:

"Camera! Lights! Action!"
"Get ready for big drama."
"Uh... I forgot my lines."
"Take 1. Take 2. Take a handful!"

"I've seen THIS show before..."
"Hey, where's the audition?"
"This is where I shine."
"Don't call us. We'll call you."

See more demo mode 4 character conversations below.

The M&M's Studio Phone features:

Animated movement and conversation of all 4 characters
30 second sound chip & light effect triggered by in-coming calls
Demonstration button
Buzzer / Animation / Off selectable
Receiver Volume Hi / Lo switch
Ringer Volume Hi / Lo switch
Tone / Pulse switchable
Flash and Redial buttons
0-9, *, # buttons
Battery power for animation
Requires 3 "D" batteries (not included)

Demo mode 4 character conversations:

"Um... phone."
"How rude!"
"It could be the President."
"President of what?"

"Ladies and gentlemen... "
"What's happening?"

"I bet this is my agent."
"Could I direct your next movie?"
"You'll need a tasty star."
"Take 1. Take 2. Take a handful!"

This item is discontinued.

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