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M&M's Cuckoo Clock
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M&M's Cuckoo Clock

M&M's Cuckoo Clock / 841-385

Decorate your wall with this colorful, animated M&M's brand Cuckoo Clock.
See Yellow swing to the beat of the seconds, while Red jumps out on the hour.

Hear the hourly announcements of the time:
Red: "It's one o'clock. It's two o'clock. It's three o'clock."

Red and Yellow converse at certain times of the day.
Yellow: "I have such a head rush."
Red: "Did Yellow's foot turn purple yet?"
Yellow: "I think I'm dangling."

The M&M's Cuckoo Clock features:

  • Moving and talking M&M's brand characters
  • Animation activated by hourly chimes
  • Pendulum swing
  • Demo button

This item is discontinued.
We are trying to locate more.

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