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M&M's 3 Character Phone
M&M's 3 Character Phone
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M&M's 3 Character Phone

M&M's 3 Character Phone / 541-042

The lovable M&M's characters from television lounging on your telephone
The 3 M&M's characters talk, with animated body, arm and eye movement
This phone is absolutely adorable!

Ringer activated voice announcements:

  • 1st ring: Green M&M blinks, nods, and says "Hold all my calls."
  • 2nd ring: Red M&M waves his hand and says "Don't look at me, it's your phone."
  • 3rd ring: Blue M&M rises and says "Hey, I always wait for the 3rd ring. Hey man, if you want to be cool wait for the 3rd ring!"
  • 4th ring: Green M&M says "Last chance honey!" Red says "I'm waiting!" Blue says "Hey, it's for you!"

Pick up the handset to make a call and all 3 characters move and talk.
Green M&M: "Who you calling sugar?"
Red M&M: "Charge it to M&M."
Blue M&M: "Quiet please!"

This M&M's phone features:

  • Illuminated base
  • Light synchronized with ringer and animation
  • Demonstration switch
  • Selected animation for making a call, incoming calls and demonstrations
  • Receiver Volume Hi / Lo switch
  • Ringer Volume Hi / Lo switch
  • Tone / Pulse switchable
  • Flash and Redial button
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included)

This phone is discontinued.
We have just 1 M&M's 2 Character Phones left in stock. 

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