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The largest selection of novelty corded wall phones, desk telephones, and replica antique telephones available online.

There are 3 fast and simple ways to find the decorative and nostalgic novelty phones you are looking for.

1. Click on a product image or link below to see all of the items in each category.
2. Enter the name or Item Number / SKU of the product in the Phone Phun Search box above.
3. Click here to see a gallery of all decorative and nostalgic, antique replica phones on one page.

Who says your home corded wall phones or desk telephone have to be boring black or beige?

Decorative novelty phones and antique telephones are an affordable way to add a distinguished look to any room. There are many important, sensible reasons to have landline, corded wall phones or a desk telephone in your home. The benefits include increased safety, clarity, reliability, and lower cost. Add color, elegance, and style to your décor with one of our antique replica nostalgic telephones.

Our vintage, retro antique telephones are more than just attractive, unique conversation pieces.

These beautiful decorative phones are fully operational, intended to be used and enjoyed. Crafted of the highest quality materials, woods, and metals, they are built to last. Many are authentic looking reproductions of actual original antique telephones from the 1890’s to the 1960's. Today's novelty telephone includes current features such as rotary look touch tone dial, earpiece volume control, and last number redial to easily function as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Phone Phun Novelty Telephones PLUS has virtually all of the novelty antique telephones available anywhere online.

We have a novelty telephone that will complement your home. Click on one of the decorative phones categories above, or click here to see all of our novelty corded wall phones and desk telephones on a single page.

  • Wooden replica antique telephones – Desk phones and wall phones, complete with rotary cranks
  • Porcelain French style antique phones – Our most popular novelty phones for more than 10 years
  • Candlestick phones – Stylish and nostalgic telephones, in wood, black, and brushed chrome
  • Princess Phones – Choose from blue, pink, red, yellow, black, and silver
  • Neon phones – A favorite novelty telephone for kids, and fun-loving adults
  • Complete lines of classic corded wall phones and desk telephones from Crosley, Paramount Collections, and Golden Eagle

Start shopping today.

Whether you are shopping for decorative phones for your own home, or for a gift for a special relative or friend, one of our novelty corded wall phones or antique telephones will be a perfect choice. It will be loved and enjoyed for many years to come.

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