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  • These adorable plush pets plug in to your music device and literally dance to the beat of your favorite music.
  • The party animals recognize the beat of your music and adjust their speed and rhythm to dance along with fast and slow music and everything in between, while playing your music out of their high quality, built-in speaker.
  • Compatible with almost all music sources such as laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads and other MP3 Players, CD players, media players, and many other devices with a standard audio input jack. Audio input cable included with Party Animal.
  • You can even adjust their arms to create funny poses and new dance moves.

Cat TelephoneCat TelephoneAvailable in Black & White or Tan & White
Dalmation PhoneDalmation PhoneThe Dalmation Phone is a one-piece phone with keypad underneath
Ducks Unlimited 'Wood Duck' PhoneDucks Unlimited 'Wood Duck' PhoneMade of real wood and hand painted for beautiful realism
Garfield PhoneGarfield PhoneLove the feisty and witty fat Kitty Garfield?
Kitten PhoneKitten PhoneThe Kitten Phone is a one-piece phone with keypad underneath
Orca Killer Whale PhoneOrca Killer Whale PhoneHear whale sounds and splashing water when the phone rings
Pig PhonePig PhoneThe Pink Pig Phone is a one-piece phone with keypad underneath
Quacker Duck PhoneQuacker Duck PhoneThis two-piece replica of the Mallard Duck quacks when the phone rings.
Ribbit Frog Phone With SoundRibbit Frog Phone With SoundThe Ribbit Frog Phone is a one-piece phone with keypad underneath
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