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Phone Phun Novelty Telephones PLUS

We offer the most complete line of old fashioned, retro, decorative & nostalgic, corded, vintage, replica antique phones anywhere. Many have become real collector's items. They come in amazing variety and are made with exacting detail. Many of our retro Novelty Phones, Novelty Lamps, Novelty Clocks, Novelty Radios, and Novelty Remote Controls are animated, talking, musical, or have other fun special effects.

Replica antique phones

Click Products to find fun retro phones and vintage products organized by categories and brand name. Our most popular phones are the corded, decorative & nostalgic, replica antique telephones. These include vintage old fashioned wooden, candlestick, French, porcelain, and neon phones, from Crosley, Paramount, and Golden Eagle. We have Disney and other cartoon characters, from KNG America / Telemania and Polyconcept, stars from movies and music, replica vehicles and transportation telephones, from vintage cars, NASCAR cars to locomotives, and sports novelty phones, including the popular NFL football telephone.

Our modern audio electronics products, in retro decorative, nostalgic, vintage antique replica styles, include turntables, radios, CD and MP3 players, and jukeboxes. We have special needs telephones from Clarity and Walker, a complete line of modern phones for home and business, as well as weather instruments and devices from Oregon Scientific.

Benefits of corded, decorative telephones:

  • Corded phones always give the clearest conversation sound quality.
  • Corded telephones do not need to be charged, and will work in the event of a power outage. 
  • Corded landline telephones are more reliable, the connection more stable, with fewer interrupted conversations, dropped calls, and service area coverage issues. 
  • Corded telephone service costs less. A landline in your home, with a corded telephone in every room, still costs less than most cell phone plans.

Why buy antique telephones from us?

Novelty phones and other retro nostalgic products are the hottest, most affordable collectibles in recent years. They make great gifts for kids, and bring out the "kid" in everyone. Let our fun and nostalgic retro products put a smile on your face, and transport you back to a time when the world was a simpler place. We take pride in offering quality products and value, to customers worldwide, for more than a decade. We complement our decorative replica antique phones and vintage products with good, old fashioned customer service. Come inside and look around. You will love what you see!

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