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Cars Mater & McQueen Alarm Clock Radio
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Cars Mater & McQueen Alarm Clock Radio

Cars Mater & McQueen Alarm Clock Radio / MATER-McQUEEN-ACR

This talking alarm clock radio features the Mater and Lightning McQueen characters from the popular Disney / Pixar movie Cars. Truck Mater and race car McQueen sit on top of the clock on a road, their characters shown in their usual colors.

Wake to one of 5 custom Mater and McQueen phrases:

McQueen: "Uhh... Where am I?"
Mater: "Where are ya? Gee. You're in Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County."

McQueen: "Mater, I'm not doing this."
Mater: "Ah, come on. You'll love it! Wakin' folks up is fun!"

Mater: "Boy, jus' lookit. Sleepin' there all peaceful like."
McQueen: "Yeah. Sigh. Seems kind of a shame to wake him up."

Mater: "Ain't nuttin' like warmin' up the old engine block in the mornin'."
Mater engine sounds
McQueen: Mater, ah man, that's a horrible thing to wake up to!"

Mater engine sounds
Mater: "Ahh. Ho ho, that's better."
McQueen: "You gotta lay off Fillmore's organic fuel."
Mater: "What? What did I do?"

The Cars Mater & McQueen Alarm Clock Radio features:

  • Backlit LCD digital alarm clock
  • 5 alarm phrases with Mater and McQueen character dialog
  • FM auto scan radio
  • Wake to radio, voice, or alarm
  • Safety cone snooze and setting buttons
  • TRY ME demo button
  • AC adapter included

Box dimensions: 11" L x 10.25" W x 6.25" H

This item is discontinued. 
We are trying to locate more.

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